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Default Multiboot Flash Filth Edition 2013 + UEFI 7.0 Final 32GB

Multiboot Flash Filth Edition 2013 + UEFI 7.0 Final 32GB
SIZE: 26.8GB

MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2013 - is a multiboot flash drive, CD drive replacement. Primarily designed for devices where for some reason there is no DVD drive. With this assembly can install the operating system, scan your computer for errors, cure viruses or to use as a handheld OS. Assembly is designed for system administrators and people who service computers "to leave."

This assembly includes: Download error "NTLDR is missing Running Windows XP with the error "NTLDR is missing" The boot disks based on Windows Disc Cisadmina SonyaPE 03.2012 LEX LIVE STARTLEX DX MEDIA 2011 Alkid Live CD & USB 2012 30.03.12 Full Live CD 2k10 4.0 Final (Patches cores, updated drayverpak, naitivny download option 7h86/8x86 The boot disks on Linux GeeXboX 3.0 MagOS Linux 2012 (based on Mandriva 2011) Linux Slax 7.0.8 LinmacOS v.3.5 (MacOS Theme) Linux Mint 15 Olivia Mate Edition i386/AMD64 Olivia Linux Mint 15 is based on the latest version of the operating system Ubuntu 13.04 and the developers plan to support this version until January 2014. Mint Project In the announcement said that the fifteenth version of the OS - it is "the most ambitious version of" since the start of the project. According to the developers, MATE 1.6 and Cinnamon 1.8 support "tons of new features," such as an updated interface, new screen savers, unified control center, as well as the ability to create user interface elements on HTML5. Here, two new program management tool: Power Manager software and drivers. The new version of the OS has been support for the latest drivers for Nvidia, ATI and Broadcom. Additional Information: Microsoft Windows XP Professional x32/x64 MSDN Windows XP Proffesional Sp3 x32 MSDN Windows XP Proffesional Sp2 x64 MSDN Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x32/x64 MSDN Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 MSDN Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 MSDN Microsoft Windows 8 Professional VL x32/x64 MSDN Windows 8 - This is the operating system of Windows, rethought and built on the basis of rapid and reliable Windows 7. With a brand new interface for touch devices. New Windows for the new devices. Hiren's Boot CD Utilities 15.2 Rus By Lexapass Hiren's BootCD - an indispensable tool used by many computer technicians and system administrators. At one bootable CD assembled dozens of the most popular programs and utilities for running DOS. This is a utility for working with hard drive, its recovery and diagnostic tools diagnosis of all the computer nodes, file managers, utilities for the network, as well as many others. Hiren's BootCD eliminates the need to keep on hand dozens and dozens of disks required in daily work. MSDART & Recovery Windows XP/Server/Vista/7/8 An indispensable tool for restoring the operating system from Microsoft The assembly includes: * Windows XP Recovery Console * ERD Commander 2005 to restore XP, server 2003 (added and net mass storage drivers from the package Driver pack base 10.11) * ERD Commander 6.0 based on Vista x32 * ERD Commander 6.0 based on Vista x64 * ERD Commander 7.0 based on Windows7 x32 * ERD Commander 7.0 based on Windows7 x64 * ERD Commander 8.0 based on Windows8 x32 * ERD Commander 8.0 based on Windows8 x64 Features ERD: - Registry Editor restored the system - Disk Editor - means reset system passwords - Console - Restoration of boot records and more At present, the image is created using the ERD package DaRT (Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset) from Microsoft Tools to diagnose hardware Flash BIOS Uniflash EuroSoft PC-Check 2006 QuickTech Pro 5.8 Video Memory Stress Test CE 1.21 Nokia Monitor Test Memtest86 + v4.20 Gold Memory 7.70 Victoria 3.52 MHDD v4.6 HDD Regenerator 2011 HDAT2 (Repair Harddisk Bad Sector) 4.93 Antivirus boot disk AntiSMS 3.5 AntiWinLocker Live CD 4.1.3 Lite Universal Virus Snifer 3.80.1 Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 Dr.Web Live CD 6.0.2 COMODO Cleaning Essentials 2013 Tools for use with the hard disk Acronis HDD & BackUp & Recovery Tools Parted Magic 2013 Final Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Paragon Alignment Tool 4.0 R-Studio Emergency Network Edition 5.4.506 R-Drive Image 4.7.4737 Tools for Password Reset Passware Windows Key Enterprise Edition 11 PasscareReset Windows Password 1.2.1 Changes in version 7.0: Updated: AntiSMS 3.3 -> 3.5 AntiSMS AntiWinLocker Live CD 4.0.9 -> 4.1.3 AntiWinLocker Live CD Kaspersky Rescue Disk -> Kaspersky Rescue Disk Hiren's BootCD 15.1 Rus -> Hiren's BootCD 15.2 Rus Linux Mint 14 Nadia KDE -> Linux Mint 15 Olivia Mate GeeXboX 2.0 Open Media Center -> 3.0 GeeXBoX Open Media Center Linux Slax 7.0.7 -> 7.0.8 + Linux Slax modules LinmacOS 3.4 -> 3.5 LinmacOS 2k10 Live CD 3.0 .3 -> Live CD 2k10 4.0 Final + Patch Parted Magic 2012 -> Parted Magic 2013 Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 (WinPE) -> Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 (Linux kernel) Acronis BootCD Collection 2012 -> Acronis BootCD Collection 05.2013 Virus databases Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 to 16.06.2013 Anti-virus database Dr.Web Live CD 6.0.2 to 16.06.2013 Added: Acronis Align Tool for WD / Hitachi 2.0.154 Paragon Alignment Tool 4.0 R-Drive Image 4.7.4737 R-Studio Emergency Network Edition 5.4.506 HDAT2 (Repair Harddisk Bad Sector) 4.93 7.70 Gold Memory Nokia Monitor TEST WinPE Universal Virus Snifer 3.80. 1 Comodo Cleaning Essentials 2013 Prepare and write the image to a USB flash drive Option 1: 1. Format the USB flash drive to the FAT32 file system with the utility hpusbfw.exe (in the present distribution) 2. Run the file Ghost32.exe. 3. Watch the screen salute, click OK. 4. Select the menu Local - Disk - FromImage 5. Select the downloaded image flashes (with the extension. GHO) (Beware! image to move to the root of any partition C: \ and D: \ as Ghost32.exe not understand Russian letters and folders) 6. Choose from a list of drives his stick. Please note, if you choose not stick, but something else, then left without his porn collection. Click OK. 7. Check - are selected USB flash drive, click OK again. 8. Read the message that all the information on the flash drive will be erased. Click Yes. 9. Wait a few minutes. 10. In the resulting window, click Continue 11. Press Quit - Yes. 12. Everything is ready, flash drive recorded. 13. Run the utility and install the boot BOOTICE.exe the MBR and PBR Variant 2: 1 - Format the USB flash drive to the FAT32 file system with the utility hpusbfw.exe (in the present distribution) 2 - Open the image Multiboot Flash Filth Edition 2013.gho GhostExplorer.exe utility and extract the contents of the image on your USB flash drive. 3 - Run the utility and BOOTICE.exe install the MBR and boot PBR The material in razdache.Chto and why Utilities HPUSBFW.EXE - Program for formatting removable media (updated) BOOTICE.EXE - Installer loader on the stick Ghost32.exe - program up and repairing disk partitions GhostExplorer.exe - The program for viewing and editing images * GHO MobaLiveCD_v2.1.exe - Emulator zagruzki.Chto something in the likeness of virtual mashiny.Mozhno check how your flash drive, right in the system is restarted. Updating antivirus databases assets - most of the running program. After update go to the folder X: \ Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10.0 \ data_rd \ Updater folder and clear. Dr.Web Live CD 6.0.2 updated batch file X: \ Boot \ module \ updater_LiveCD.cmd everything is set up, you only need to run and will update module drweb_bases.dwm Comodo Cleaning Essentials 2013 update of current assets - most of the running program. Checksums Multiboot Flash Filth Edition 2013.GHO CRC32: 120C3DAE MD5: CB601A50607F683302740D6045766820 SHA-1: DBA539A8AB762CD098723C69B476CB0C2128231B From myself Assembly "as is." Questions like change, change, delete, add, why, and how, and so. Will be ignored. The main nuances by recording and preparing painted, the rest, if you do not know, think about whether you want and when you want, there are many search engines. In the topic are welcome, regardless of health issues and / or problems with use. Show respect and understanding of the author of the material and distribution. If something goes wrong during installation / write assembly or when using it, make sure that you carefully read the hat and did everything according to instructions. If that does not work, try the message as detail information about your problem - it will help to solve it without further elaboration. The classic phrase "I did not work out," I nothing to say? If your antivirus swear to the virus in the assembly, first of all try to send a problematic file to on-line test (for example, on and the manufacturer of your antivirals.

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